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Our stores:

  • Customs warehouse: goods in a 250 mq area provided with cold store refrigerators and pre-cold store refrigerators.
  • National goods warehouse in a 250 mq area provided with cold store refrigerators and frozen store refrigerators.
  • Technical goods warehouse in a 500 sqm area .

    cold store refrigerators and pre-cold store refrigerators  Technical goods warehouse   Promar Warehouse 
  • The stores are 30 metres far from the dock in a real strategic position in Augusta harbour, giving us the possibility to provide all the supplies without boarding expenses for our customers.

    List of the several prompt delivery goods:

    Fresh Fruits / Frutta fresca

    Meat / Carne
    Deep frozen foodDeep frozen food
    Deep frozen meatDeep frozen meat
    Deep frozen fishDeep frozen fish
    Cheese and by-productsCheese and by-products
    Cooking oils and by-producctsCooking oils and by-produccts
    Sauces and seasoningsSauces and seasonings
    Tobacco and cigarettesTobacco and cigarettes

    Deck goodsDeck goods
    Engines goodsEngines goods
    Kitchen goodsKitchen goods
    Cabin goodsCabin goods
    Safety goodsSafety goods
    Mooring linesMooring ropes
    Manila ropesManila ropes
    Polypropylene ropesPolypropylene ropes
    Fire-fighting goodsFire-fighting goods
    Nautical goodsNautical goods
    Paint brushes and paint rollersPaint brushes and paint rollers
    Sanitary goods Sanitary goods
    Chemical goodsChemical goods
    Electrical goodsElectrical goods
    Pneumatic goodsPneumatic goods
    Control and measurement instrumentsControl and measurement instruments
    Sheet-iron and profilatedSheet-iron and profilated
    Tubes and flangesTubes and flanges
    Industrial and naval valvesIndustrial and naval valves
     Welding products Welding products
    Packings and jointingsPackings and jointings
    Ball BearingsBall Bearings
    Naval paintingsNaval paintings
    Promar Warehouse

    Promar Warehouse
    You can find several other prompt delivery goods in our stores

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